Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

How far in advance should I book my vehicle?
We recommend that our customers book their favorite vehicles as soon as possible. Since we offer our fleet on a first come, first serve basis, there is no way we can guarantee the availability of our vehicles. Many of our most popular limousines and party buses tend to get booked weeks and often months in advance, especially during peak season (Spring and Summer). Please keep this in mind as you plan your event.
How much should I tip my driver?
We include a minimum gratuity in our vehicle rates so there is actually no further tip required. If, however, you feel your driver deserves an additional tip, please don't hesitate to offer them one. This is solely at your discretion and is not expected or required.
Can I drink on your vehicles?
Yes, drinking is permitted aboard all of the Limousine Fort Worth vehicles. However, we do require that all passengers be of legal drinking age for there to be any alcohol on board. We also insist that all open containers remain on the vehicle for the duration of your reservation. And finally, Limousine Fort Worth does not provide any alcohol to our passengers. All alcohol must be brought on board by you or members of your party.
Can I smoke on your vehicles?
No, smoking is not permitted aboard any Limousine Fort Worth vehicles. If you would like to smoke during the course of your reservation, you may request that your driver pull over for a smoke break. We allow unlimited stops so don't hesitate to ask if you or your party would like to enjoy a cigarette.
Are your luxury vehicles highly maintained and safe?
Absolutely, We have an amazing team of mechanics and detailers which make sure each and every vehicle pass a series of strict tests before the vehicle is sent out to you for your trip. We work hard to stay on top of the quality of our luxury vehicle fleet to make sure every customer is greeted with a fresh, clean & well performing vehicle for their outing.
Do you have a lot of return customers?
Our customer retention is very high for the industry, as also get a lot of new customers who have been passengers on other peoples rentals. Which is one of the way we are able to save you money, we don't need to spend a lot to advertise when our customers are happy with the service they receive as are their guests. When people see for themselves the quality of your service and return time and time again, that's how you know you are doing well and will remain successful, better than simply seeing how much money you have made.